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Recently I heard from, which has released data that analyzes the Bay Area vacation rental market as we lead up to the big event.


Here are a few key statistics that they cited:


  • Vacation rental prices in the Bay Area are – not surprisingly – extremely high. The sky seems to be the limit here as the average price for an available Bay Area rental listing during Super Bowl Weekend (Feb. 4-8) has hit a jaw-dropping $717, representing a 20 percent increase from January and a 60 percent increase for the months of February and March.
  • The city of Santa Clara is also benefitting from its proximity to Levi’s Stadium, where the Bowl will be taking place. The average rate for a vacation rental in Santa Clara during Super Bowl Weekend is $1025 (yes, seriously). That’s a whopping 150 percent more expensive than typical listings during February and March.
  • There is no shortage of vacation-rental listings – a grand total of 8470 in the Bay Area, while Santa Clara has 789. There are even a number of Super-Bowl-titled properties (59 in the Bay Area, 19 in Santa Clara).


Looking to avoid traffic before, during and after the Bowl? Check out Sotheby’s map of street closures here.

Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons user Jim G

Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons user Jim G

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