Gonzo Cubist Condo in Potrero Hill Asking $4 Mil

Could be in Barcelona, Spain, or other avant garde European cities. But it’s right here on Pennsylvania Avenue in the getting-posh Potrero Hill neighborhood. This cubist, rectangular-window-bays-sticking-out-at-90-degree-angles home that has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms tucked into its cubes. You could call it a post modern house, but technically it’s a condo, and its asking price is just south of $4 million. It has Spanish style outside paint colors as well.

And what do you get for your $4 mil? A few days ago I wrote about creating your own wine cellar and starting your own wine collection. Well…this condo has a high-tech wine cellar room that can dutifully store 1,000 wine bottles. And this wine cellar is right next to the home theater that boasts cinema style seats, a 120-inch automated screen, and a wet bar with a built in dishwasher for washing the wine, cocktail or soda glasses sipped from during movie time, or the popcorn bowls. There’s an elevator to the fourth floor master suite so walking up stairs can be a lifestyle choice.

First built in 1979 the home changed owners in 2003 for $1,450,000. In 2008 they went full-on cubist, taking the home down to its studs and rebuilding into the condo style it is today. The owners tried the sale at $4.2 mil, but no joy, so they tried renting it at $15,000 a month with still no joy, and now its down to just under $4 mil.

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