Highs and Lows in the SF Home Market

Another very overhauled Victorian house at 150 Vicksburg Street made the high for last week’s SF.curbed.com high and low list for weekly sales. Located in Noe Valley this Victorian used to have a hallowed reputation, one of the real classic beauties of the Valley. In 2013 it sold for $1.3 million and was a duplex.

It has since undergone a controversial renovation into a single dwelling ultra modern that left observers using phrases like “gutted and turned into an airplane hanger.” Another declared it “disgusting.” And the best compliment to come to this grand old lady’s extreme makeover was “not quite as antiseptic as some have been.”

It just sold for $4.1 million, $300,000 less than the asking price. SFcurbed notes that these kinds of wide-swath renovations are still happening despite observers’ regrets because big money keeps chasing them. Rebuild a Victorian and they will come seems to be the catch phrase.

The low side of home sales last week surprisingly came over in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood. At 1700 Gough Street, the number 408 apartment just south of Lafayette Park went for a low, low $450,000. And this was way up from the listing price of $390,000. The sellers couldn’t get any buyers for 2 months and after a buyer offered $450,000 then the deal fell apart the owner decided to keep the higher price. Perhaps needless to say, the apartment (built in 1980) is a micro micro studio, coming in at less than 260 square feet.

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