Horn Toot! Civic Center Condo

Knowing Cece for several years gave me the confidence to enlist her help when selling our two-bedroom Hayes Valley condominium in preparation for a move to Wisconsin. My husband and I were nervous – moving wasn’t an easy decision for us.

However, the first time we spoke to Cece about selling our home put us at ease. She came beautifully prepared with a detailed marketing plan and an organized, efficient strategy for selling our San Francisco condominium. More than that, she knew how to mesh with both my husband and I, despite the fact that we have very different personalities. Charming, high-energy, funny and very frank, Cece understood exactly how to engage both of us in ways that made us comfortable.

Cece is the best agent I’ve ever worked with. She offers:
– Knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market, including niche neighborhood expertise;
– An understanding of the dollars-and-cents aspect of what makes properties move;
– A wide network of top-notch professionals, including stagers and photographers;
– A sense of diplomacy that doesn’t stop her from telling you the exact truth;
– A personable, fun working style;
– Authority – when you’re working with Cece, you know everything is moving according to plan and you’re clear on who’s doing what, or what you need to do, every step of the way.

When I lost my job, Cece met me for coffee and gave me some amazingly helpful advice about blogging, social marketing, and getting the word out. I wasn’t surprised – she’s just that kind of person. Cece doesn’t just provide real estate information. She gives her clients information that can help them in many other aspects of their lives.She blends new marketing methods such as social media with the classic approach of building and maintaining long-term relationships with people. Unlike the other agents I have worked with, I have no fear of losing touch with Cece. We’ve maintained our relationship, and we’re going to use her when we move back to San Francisco!

Jonathan Streeter

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