Horn Toot! Corona Heights TIC

After using a discount broker and failing to win in a multiple bidding situation, we turned to Cece based on the recommendation of a friend and Realtor in the East Bay. When we met with her, we found a refreshingly candid professional who avoided a salesperson’s optimistic spin. Instead, Cece was straight up with honest assessments that addressed the bad as well as the good, and surprised us by echoing what we were thinking.

By listening carefully and knowing what options were out there, she found us a great TIC opportunity right away in the Upper Market/Corona Heights neighborhood. But negotiating on the property was tricky. The flats were priced very unevenly, making it difficult to match TIC partners. To complicate matters, the seller lived on the East Coast and was using a relocation company.

Cece handled these challenges with creative strategies. She found a partner prepared to pay a bit more than the list price for the other unit and negotiated a deal that had the seller paying all the closing costs – something I don’t think many other agents in San Francisco would have been able to accomplish.

Our purchase taught us how important a Realtor’s negotiating skill, market knowledge and local contacts are for their clients. Cece’s experience and network helped us find the property that’s right for us at the price we wanted to pay. I expect she’d do the same for a seller. We recommend Cece to anyone looking to buy a home in San Francisco and will be giving her a call when we’re looking to sell.

Jonathan Geilhufe and Ellie Coombs

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