Horn toot: Cracking the top 5 percent

If you’ll pardon a little bit of my tooting my own horn, I am very proud and pleased to report that my sales volume during this year has placed me among the top 5 percent of San Francisco Realtors.

There’s a number of reasons I think this is pretty cool. First of all, of course, it’s always wonderful to receive professional recognition – and I’m very excited to hear this news. Additionally, the kinds of homes I sell range all over the map, running from from special luxury properties to itty-bitty condos. This sales volume is a definite reflection of the city of San Francisco, isn’t it, in all its incredible diversity? That’s what I thought too!

This month, my buyers and sellers in escrow reflect the same type of diversity. They include practicing Buddhists, young parents and a professional ice skater. I always like to say that the only thing I like better than the houses I sell are the people who I help to purchase them. My clients are the lifeblood of my business and are very close to my heart.

In that vein, thank you for sending more of them my way! Referrals are key in this business, and I’m super-appreciative of every one that I receive. I pride myself on staying in touch with my clients far after the sale has been completed. The real estate business is not simply a hit-and-run. It’s about relationships, and I want to build and maintain those.

I always love to hear from you – so speaking of staying in touch, please do so! And remember – there’s no such thing as a stupid real estate question!

Dreaming of San Francisco? Cece Blase offers local advice to San Francisco buyers, sellers and owners– and feeds the dreams of those who wish they could live in Tony Bennett’s ‘City by the Bay.’ Call 415-577-0809 or email cblase@paragon-re.com. www.ceceblase.com

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