Horn Toot! Mission District Townhome

When I was younger, Cece worked with my parents on the sale and purchase of investment properties. When it came time for me to make my own real estate purchase, father had one piece of advice: Go with Cece.

When we first started working together, I was renting a Victorian flat on Guerrero Street. Cece knew I loved the Mission District and I knew I wanted to buy a home there. What I didn’t know is how much patience buying real estate can take.

We started with an offer on a sweet large Victorian one-bedroom condo but didn’t get it. With Cece’s encouragement, we kept looking. She eventually arranged a showing of a dramatic new tri-level condo on Hampshire Street. It was completely different from what I originally pictured myself living in, but Cece saw how this home design made my eyes light up.

Together we sought out a comparable home – and we found one on 24th Street in the Mission. That’s where Cece really helped me hang in there, since the home was a short sale and we had to wait until the lender approved the offer. And wait. And wait some more on tenterhooks until escrow closed six months later.

Cece really shone during this time. I learned how focused and informed she is. Casual yet professional, she thoroughly understood a short sale’s mechanics and took the initiative to push the process forward. With her engaging personality and great sense of humor, she made me comfortable with constant reassurances that everything would work out in the end. I so enjoyed working with her. Dad you were right!

Jenny Rosenthal