Horn Toot! North Beach Pied-a-Terre

After Cece helped sell my husband’s Cleary Court condominium years ago, his work took us to Los Angeles. But Tony Bennett was right: We left our hearts in San Francisco. We decided it was time to buy a property in the city and got Cece on the line.

I can tell you that Cece is absolutely relentless in looking for properties that she thinks may be of interest to a client. I know this because my husband and I were extremely indecisive. We were hardly easy clients for Cece – every time she took us to see properties we would decide that they weren’t right or that we didn’t feel ready.

But Cece was delightful, always so agreeable and so gracious. She understands the parameters and will knock herself out finding things to show you. She stuck with us and lo and behold, last year we found ourselves ready to buy. We’d gone up to San Francisco for a weekend, called Cece and said: “Okay, we’re really ready this time.”

That weekend she showed us eight properties, and we ultimately made the decision to buy a wonderful condominium North Beach condominium at the corner of Grant and Lombard. It was a great buy and I don’t know if we’d be able to get the same kind of property for the same price today.

We love working with Cece. She’s enthusiastic, not in a way that involves pressuring someone to do anything they don’t want to do, but about what her business is. And that’s infectious. You really feel as though she knows the market and she knows what’s going on, and that makes a huge difference.

Rae Terry/Jay Welsh

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