Hotel Room Boom is Upon San Francisco

San Francisco—one of the most visited cities in the world—is in the midst of a hotel room boom after several years of slack growth hotel-wise. The largest room increase was back in 2008 with the Intercontinental San Francisco logging in at 550 rooms. Now, there are hotels being built around the city to the tune of 1600 rooms scheduled to be open for business over the next few years. These include hotels from big brands like Waldorf Astoria, Virgin Hotels, Hyatt, Marriott, Yotel and a few others lesser known entities. The new properties are in SF and out at SFO.

The new hotels in the city will significantly enlarge the stylistic variety of hospitality business—from amenities and architecture to prices and the type of traveler being wooed. Julie Purnell, from CBRE Hotels says, “Silicon Valley’s corporate tenants are increasing their footprint in San Francisco, which will theoretically drive more corporate business into the city. The Warriors’ arena will have a strong impact on demand, and continued growth in Mission Bay for the biotech and medical industries will also help drive it upward. Combined, those corporate and leisure-like demand generators will all benefit hotels in the region.”

Check out the new hotels being built here.

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