House resolutions for the new year

Happy 2014! Have you made (and broken?) resolutions yet? HouseLogic has a Top 10 list of resolutions for your home sweet home.

And away we go:

1) Lose weight. In other words, cut energy use.

2) Quit smoking. Purify your indoor air.

3) Get out of debt. Make sure to budget for home improvements.

4) Learn something new. In this case, that means educating yourself on home finances.

5) Get organized. De-clutter your place.

6) Volunteer. Support the community where you live.

7) Drink less. When it comes to your home, this means curbing water use.

8) Spend more time with the family. Sharing home improvement projects is one way to stay close.

9) Get fit. Among other things, you can take this to mean improving your do-it-yourself handyman skills around the house.

And finally, number 10:

10) Be less stressed. Maintenance-free materials make all the difference.

Happy New Year!

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