How can I determine my district?

Whenever I meet with a buyer for the first time, I review the “Magic District Map” of San Francisco put out by the San Francisco Association of Realtors (SFAR). This link will take you to a detail of the SFAR map. It’s slightly outdated, but a novice will hardly be able to tell how.

I call it “magic” because it breaks the code for the way SFAR has numbered our City’s neighborhoods into 10 districts– from the Richmond in District 1, to the Daly City border neighborhoods in District 10.

Within each district are a number of small neighborhoods which are given letter designations. 5a, for example, is Glen Park, while 5b is the Haight Ashbury. District 4, West of Twin Peaks, has the most sub-districts, with 16 different micro-neighborhoods.

In our office, when we talk about a buyer, we often use district numbers to describe them – i.e. “He’s a district 7-8″ or “She’s a 5 and parts of 9.”

CleanOffer, a private MLS Search Tool I make available to my clients, allows them to skip the exercise of identifying districts by number/letter. Instead, they can search neighborhoods by clicking them on a map. I need to give you permission to use the search tool– you can sign up for it by clicking on the “CleanOffer” logo on the left hand side of your screen.

CleanOffer members can also track pending and sold home information.

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