How can I find a rental in San Francisco?

For every person who wants to buy property in San Francisco, there is someone who also wants to rent. If you happen to find yourself in that camp and you want to try before you buy into the San Francisco lifestyle, here are some resources that can help you find the right rental.

American Marketing Systems has the largest pool of furnished rentals available. Their website is

Relocation Breakthroughs may be able to help you find something. They are a fee-based service that helps people relocating to the area.

New restrictions on AirBnB in San Francisco are forcing owners who used to rent short-term to reconsider renting long-term. Some of the listings there may appreciate a longer-term rental.

A popular listing aggregator for San Francisco specifically is

One other high end rental service that might have larger rentals available is J. Wavro. They also work to help renters find a place for a fee:

Finally, here are two more options that you might consider in your search:

If you’re looking in the East Bay, keep in mind that Oakland is to San Francisco as Brooklyn was to New York City ten years ago: cool, hip, and still a relative bargain.

If you decide to bite the bullet and buy: The median rent in San Francisco is now $4,225. If you want to look at what that kind of monthly housing expense can buy you instead, you can do an analysis on Paragon’s Buy vs Rent Calculator.

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