How can I make my move a little easier?

So the loan is approved, the contracts signed and the champagne glasses clinked. You’ve bought your new home – now it’s time to move into it. Fortunately, wisdom abounds when it comes to making your move just that little bit safer and saner. Today let’s look at Good Housekeeping, which offers a whopping 55 tips on doing just that.

Here are a few:

  • Moving can be seen as a chance to both organize and purge your belongings. Put clothes in organized piles, such as those you want to keep and those you wish to donate.
  • Paper is heavy – why move it if you don’t have to? Instead, shred documents with personal information and make use of your recycle bin.
  • Did you really want that six-month-old can of corn? It’s a waste of time and energy to move with expired food. Trash it and head to the store.
  • Use newsprint packing paper to wrap your things. Unlike regular newspaper, it doesn’t leave black marks – and it’s an excellent cushion.
  • Completely fill boxes or they may get dented or crushed during the move. Corners and empty space can be protected by using packing material.
  • Before you seal your boxes, give them a shake to make sure nothing is rattling around or sliding. It’s a lousy feeling to open a box and find broken items.
  • Clear garbage bags will protect pillows, clothing and other textiles from stains or rips. However, make sure that you don’t use black garbage bags for this purpose or you might wind up mistaking them for trash – and who wants to throw out their pillows?
  • Pack a vacation-like suitcase for each family member so that necessities such as clothing and toiletries can be easily accessed while you’re unpacking at your final destination.

Happy moving! (Yes, that is possible.)

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