How Can I Maximize My Whole-House Remodel?

So your house has gone beyond having character to feeling dingy. Houzz understands and is here to help. Check out the site’s top 10 tips on giving your home the best makeover possible:

1) Take water into account. What is your capacity for bathrooms? You’ll be able to figure it out by giving a good look at the size of your water heater and your water supply lines.

2) Gas meters matter. Make sure you get the right size for your needs.

3) Give an ear to sound needs. Insulation is important here.

4) Pipes are important. Cast-iron waste pipes will make them much quieter.

5) Be a fan of good fans. Quiet exhaust fans can make all the difference.

6) Plan ahead for changes in your household and in legislation. For example, you might want to add solar panels before the expiration of the federal tax credit in 2016. You’ll be thankful you thought ahead.

7) Give your electrical panel an upgrade. Is every slot filled? If so, it may be time to do this. Makeovers may also be a prime time to replace old wiring.

8) Think carefully about new windows, doors and siding. This may be influenced by structural requirements; every situation is different.

9) Look ahead to changes in your own life. You may think it would be great to have an adjacent bedroom for your toddler, but what about when they’re a more independent teenager? That’s probably not going to fly.

10) Finally, consult with the experts. Your architect and contractor will understand your situation and are able to help you figure out the best plan of attack.

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