How do I maintain my home during the rainy season?

Over the last few days, we’ve been pummeled by a bit of rain … and it’s far from over. As we move toward winter, expect to see more and more droplets coming from the sky. This may be good for the grass, but it can pose challenges to our living quarters.

In that spirit, I present a few tips for maintaining your home during the rainy season. Keep in mind that proper maintenance can not only add value to your home but can help you avoid gray hairs from worry!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Protect wooden doors and window sills on entrances by varnishing them or applying waterproofing sealers.
  • Check your rain gutters to make sure that they’re not getting clogged with leaves and other debris; you want to be certain that water can flow freely down the drain spout.
  • Speaking of debris, make sure that you don’t have any in your yard. In addition, be certain to cover holes in your yard so that stagnant water won’t collect and breed insects.
  • Inspect your roof for defects which may result in leaks – and then get them fixed.
  • Cut back greenery that may be growing too close to your home. This is for safety in addition to minimizing the possibility that insects may use them as gateways into your house.
  • Your floors may be sealed and waxed, but rainy weather demands that you give them just a little bit more attention. After the rain comes down and has cleared up, make sure they get mopped immediately since continued soaking will make them dull.
  • Finally, make sure that your doormats are in good shape. Make sure everyone wipes their shoes before coming inside – you don’t want anyone slipping and hurting themselves.

Stay dry and warm!

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