How Do You Celebrate Spring in San Francisco? Here’s How.

We’re getting some spring rains, and even the bees in San Francisco (and there are hundreds of thousands among us) are out harvesting nectar and pollen from burgeoning flower blooms on trees and plants. And longer days is a sure fire sign. Spring’s coming in like a seasonal freight train. So how do you best take part in this annual earth orbital event?

Here are 21 ideas from in the form of an interactive map in which there’s a blurb on the event, a picture and the location pinned on a web digital map. See the map link below.

#1 is the Bay Area Brew Festival, a favorite with local, national and international beer samples. Proceeds help the Copper Dream Animal Rescue. It’s being held on Pier 35 on March 24th.

#4 is Opening Day on the Bay for all serious, dilettante and observer-type boat enthusiasts. Includes a boat parade starting from Palace of Fine Arts. Held April 22

#15 is a visit to the famed San Francisco Botanical Garden with its 8,000 species of plants, shrubs and trees, all a poppin in bloom now. Park’s open till 6 pm now.

And many, many more…

Click here for the full map.

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