How does Paragon help you buy your new home?

Yesterday we talked about how Paragon presents a comprehensive marketing plan for your property. Today I’d like to discuss how the agents here at Paragon plan and execute an equally important mission: finding you a property that you’ll love and enjoy for years to come, getting it for you at the best possible price and terms, meanwhile making the process as smooth, straightforward and stress-free as possible while managing the transaction so that you are fully aware of the condition and circumstances of the property you purchase.

Here are a few of the ways in which we do this:

· Take the necessary amount of time to truly understand your needs, wants, priorities, concerns, financial parameters and timeline

· Analyze the process, cost, options, strategies and decision points in order to make them fully understandable and manageable

· Help you understand current market conditions and values so that you can make an informed decision

· Offer you prompt information on new listings that meet your criteria

· Help you stay apprised of opportunities along with assisting you to evaluate the pros and cons of all the choices before you in terms of price range, neighborhood property types and conditions as well as architectural style and amenities

· Provide complete market value analysis of any property under consideration; this includes recent sales, comparable homes available and market conditions pertinent to the property

· Skillfully and aggressively negotiate on your behalf in order to secure the best possible price and terms

· Guide you during the course of investigatory due diligence so that you may fully review all material information before the close of your purchase

· Refer you to professional resources as necessary

· Present you with the facts as best we can get them, never rushing you or pressing you to make uncomfortable decisions

· Provide you with true fiduciary representation, which is our commitment to represent and protect your interests above all others.

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