How does San Francisco rank?

We at Paragon believe in the veracity of numbers, but also in the value of humor. In that vein, we present an only-half-serious look at San Francisco’s rankings by a number of both objective and subjective criteria, according to a wide – and not necessarily 100 percent reliable – variety of sources.

The majority of these rankings were made within the last 2 to 3 years. Generally speaking, they are against other major U.S. cities or greater metro areas.


San Francisco is ranked …

· America’s best city (Bloomberg Businessweek)

· The second best metro in the country for resident “well-being” (Gallup/Healthways survey)

· America’s most pretentious city (Travel + Leisure reader survey)

· Last in children per capita (U.S. Census)

· Fifth best city for dogs (PawNation)

· Last in lawyers per capita by metro area (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

· First in homeless residents per capita (Philanthropedia)

· Third worst metro area commute (Texas A&M Transportation Institute)

Want more rankings? Check them out here.

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