How to Fix Home Flaws FAST

Homes are occupied by humans and on occasion bad stuff happens to floors, walls, carpets and decor surfaces.

What do you do when minor disasters strike and you have to make them disappear quickly? Here are some really quick flaw fixers.

Scratches in Wood: get out the walnuts, crack them open, scoop out the meat and rub it on the scratch till the scratched part’s color returns. Can also use a brown crayon as a last resort.

Red Wine on Carpet: create a 50/50 blend of hydrogen peroxide and water. Then mix up a 50/50 cocktail of grain-distilled white vinegar and water. Apply the peroxide mix to the stain, letting it sit for 5 minutes. Then blot with the vinegar mixture which neutralizes the peroxide bleaching affect. Chemistry at work.

Marker on the Walls: break out the shaving cream which has denatured and rubbing alcohols that are potent stain removers. Dab on the pen or marker scribblings, wait 10 minutes and wipe. Reapply if necessary.

Coffee on the Tablecloth: lift out the stain with the bubble power of club soda. Use a paper towel to blot the soda up. Repeat if necessary.

Gum on the Carpet: freeze it with a zip-lock bag full of ice cubes placed on the gum or other similar sticky stuff. When the gum solidifies scrape it off with a plastic card.

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