How to renovate without damaging your relationship?

Home renovations have been long-heralded as one of the most stressful situations for a couple. Now Houzz has some deeper insight into the matter.

In a recent survey of more than 1,400 Houzz users, the site found a few interesting statistics:

  • While 46 percent of respondents said that the process was collaborative when it came to their significant other …
  • The same number of respondents also said they found the process frustrating.
  • What’s more, 12 percent said they actually considered a separation or divorce during the remodeling process.

So what’s one solution? Not surprisingly, compromise, which Houzz says can actually create the best design. “I believe it’s really joyful when you can find a way to work with both styles and come up with something better than either,” interior designer and psychology degree-holder Judith Taylor told the site. “To me, the most interesting designs are eclectic.”

How has your experience been?

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