How well are you positioned?

The position of a home is a key factor when deciding what to buy. It’s also key when selling – doing so can help you highlight attributes that may be important in a buyer’s eyes, yet often ignored or not broadcast loudly enough.

For instance, all apartments in a large condo building share the exact same location, but position of each apartment is different. Low floor corners may get interesting street views and even some greenery. Upper floors may not have the same benefit, but they may enjoy better light. Proximity to amenities like the gym, pool or elevator can also make a difference. 

The lifestyle a home offers is also a consideration. What are the amenities?  What is within walking distance? How long will it take to drive to get to the things you need? I like to picture an imaginary day in a home hour-by-hour. It helps me speak about the property more effectively and develop better “word pictures” for any ads I’m writing. 

The immediate neighborhood is also important. I pay attention to how “settled” the block is and ask the Seller about their neighbors. I also like to see how many homes have been improved with new paint or landscaping. Recently completed work indicates that the block has potential upside.

I always take note of which direction a property faces. Often our best views are North facing, which can make the rooms facing them colder, while a south-facing yard is ideal for plants and sun. A western view can offer wonderful sunsets, but can also be hard on furniture and art.

Just like a fine painting, all real estate requires close observation to FULLY understand its positives and negatives. No property is perfect: matching the needs of a buyer to a seller is the key.

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