How You in SF Can Make a Difference: 25 Ways

In moments of introspection, pique or worry, we ask the question: What can I do to improve things in San Francisco, this city I live in? A good, meaningful question. And often we don’t exactly know what we can do to be a make-better citizen. And this doesn’t mean big, life-changing stuff, as notes in its story on 25 small ways to make a difference in San Francisco.

They break down the efforts into five categories: From Your Home, In Your Neighborhood, Along Your Route, In Your Community, and With a Group.

#1 for From Your Home is staying informed of local SF news, including local blogs and specialty media sources such as Hoodline or San Francisco Magazine.

In In Your Neighborhood, the first item to make a difference is to learn your neighborhood’s history. This makes for some fascinating reading and context. For instance Presidio Terrace used to purposely be an all-white neighborhood.

Also in this section: donate old books to the library, including the Little Free Library; attend neighborhood meetings; wave to tourists when they pass by you on cable cars or visitor buses (sf.curbed says they love that).

Get much, much more here at the full list of 25.

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