It’s Swell to be WELL

DID YOU KNOW?  Is WELL certification the next LEED certification? A LEED certified building became a marketing status symbol about 10 years ago indicating a heightened awareness of green building features. Now, DELOS, the wellness building developer will be offering WELL-certification for both residential and commercial buildings. It has already handled 1,555 projects totaling 314 million square feet in 48 countries. The office certification process starts with Delos assigning a concierge, who guides the customer through the more than 200 elements Delos uses to evaluate a space, including the proximity of workstations to windows, easy access to drinking water and the size of the plates in the cafeteria (10″ or smaller discourages overeating). Then an independent reviewer comes in with a suitcase full of sensors that measure air, water and sound quality.  LEED, which has certified 76,800 projects since its inception in 2000 charges $13,000 to evaluate a new 100,000-square-foot property. In a recent study, a third of building owners said that going green added more than 10% to their properties’ value. (FORBES)

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