June ’15 to June ‘16 Home, Condo and TIC Sales in San Francisco

What’s happened in home, condo and TIC sales over the past year in San Francisco, ending on June 30, 2016? Well…lots, as you will see below in the sales charts built on information from SF’s Multiple Listing Service.

We’ll start off with a colorful image that depicts all the neighborhoods of San Francisco.

This is followed by a first chart that illustrates the overall SF sales. Note how home sales in the $750,000 to $999,000 range comprise the most sales: 628 total. The least amount of sales is condos at $10 million and over. In 2013 the home sales for $500,000 to $749,000 were the biggest segment.

Then the SF home sales activity for the past year is presented by charts illustrating individual city districts and neighborhoods. The analyses are broken out by number of transactions in designated sales-price segments.

Note that median sales prices will change every time the time period or neighborhoods included in an analysis change.

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