Kaiser Permanente Puts Up $200M to Fight Homelessness

Homelessness in San Francisco remains an escalating society challenge and even worry among San Franciscans. In certain street areas homeless people and conditions are making a bad rep for the city among potential retail store and business investors. Small efforts to address homelessness include portable shower and bathroom facilities or even small-size housing, ala Japan. Now, Kaiser Permanente, is entering the solutions mix by pledging $200 million to work with SF homelessness and affordable housing. It is among the largest financial investments from a private company. 

The exact programs the money will support are not defined yet. The fund is called Thriving Communities Fund, and follows a philosophy of putting money in for social impact, with the anticipation of some kind of financial return on the investment.

Kaiser Permanente Chief Community Health Officer Bechara Choucair says the non-profit’s mission is to create thriving health for its members that “goes beyond the four walls of the hospital into what happens in the community.”

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