Local Charming Small Towns for Spring is Here Visits

Spring is in the air now that all the atmospheric river storms have come and gone—well, at least for now. And last week we even had snow dusting on our local mountain tops and high passes. The greater Bay Area is flush with water and great soil, and now sunshine, and the blooming season is blooming away.

SFcurbed.com just came out with a great list of 20 small towns that are nearby for a pleasant car ride to and experience the uplifting range of towns, environments and history we possess.

#1 Davenport: just north of Santa Cruz on the coast with gorgeous views and a jail that has only been used twice from1914 – 1936 (now a museum).

#2 Yountville: one of the real charmers in the Wine Country and home to The French Laundry restaurant and other cultural icons.

#4 Port Costa: Over near Concord this town is a living piece of history, was once an important small port for the Southern Pacific Railroad. Boasts the Warehouse Bar, founded in 1883, and is pretty much the same as 134 years ago.

Click here for the full story.

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