Magical 2-Story Gingerbread House Open at Fairmont Hotel

You really know when the winter holiday season is upon us when TV commercials are hocking stuff at is throughout the night, Christmas decorations go up along SF streets and the Gingerbread House at the Fairmont Hotel opens to the public.

So, as of now in 2017, the Fairmont Hotel’s famed, magic-strewn Gingerbread House is now receiving adults and children as houseguests. The hotel has been doing this for over a hundred years.

The house is 22 feet tall, making it a stunning two stories—bigger than some houses in SF. Walk into the middle of this splendorous, odorous abode and you’ll encounter a tiny kitchen awash with cookies ready to pop in an oven, a giant-size nutcracker, and a wonderful choo-choo train going round and round a snowed-in village.

Plus, the entire house is a baked wunderkind, as you can eat it as you tour it, but don’t do that because you’ll probably be put on Santa’s naughty list—it is frowned upon. However the hotel’s baking elves put together over 7,500 gingerbread bricks, hundreds of pounds of candy and over 2,000 pounds of icing to craft the house. The smell is divine and fills the entire lobby and wafts out the hotel main doors.

The house is open for free until January 1st, and you can also reserve holiday tea times at the hotel.

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