Mapping Places to See in Spring in Glorious SF

Spring is blowing up beautifully all around us, and right now for every weekend or weekday we have off we’re contemplating what to see in San Francisco in this wonderfully everything-renewing season. Some of us go to favorite places. Some of us want something new, or that which we don’t even know exists yet. After all San Francisco is 49 (1849 gold rush coincidence?) square miles of exciting territory to explore.

To help us in our choices, has produced a coolly wonderful city map that lays out all the streets and districts of SF (scrollable and zoomable) and then overlays teardrops that are clickable to pop up a very fine springtime place and thing to do (indoors and outdoors), with images and witty text. The map has 19 suggestions as culled by the map staff, and they’re really good choices.

For instance, there’s #14, the Castro Theatre, which is celebrating a hoary 94 years this year with great architecture, movies, and cult screenings.

Or, #9, the Lyon Street Steps—offering very delectable views of the bay. Great for wanderers.

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