Mapping The Big Dollar Neighborhoods in San Francisco

Living and buying or renting in SF can be expensive (though our purchasing power per dollar is pretty good: see the July 14th blog) or it can be very very expensive as in how much does it cost to buy a house in one of the city’s princely neighborhoods?

A new interactive map from the people at Paragon Real Estate Group graphically shows all the city’s neighborhoods with mouse over pop ups providing  median house/condo buying prices and how many sold from October 2015 to May 2016.

According to this map, here are the most expensive neighborhoods to buy a house or condo in (by neighborhood and median sales price):

  1. Pacific Heights: $5,200,000
  1. Cow Hollow: $5,112,500
  1. Lake Street: $3,795,000
  1. Lower Pacific Heights: $3,102,500
  1. Marina: $2,947,500
  1. Cole Valley-Ashbury Heights: $2,700,000
  1. St. Francis Wood: $2,650,000

Note that the five most expensive neighborhoods are in the north area of the city—with their desirable views of the bay. Prices are often driven up by bidding wars.

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