Market Street Makeover? $604 M For Sidewalks & Bikes

Now, this is a City of San Francisco plan most San Franciscans will love, and some not. Mostly take out the “street” in Market Street and convert it into a boulevard of sidewalks and bike lanes, and Muni mass transit. Private cars no longer welcome, including Uber and Lyft. The story from the Chronicle quotes Tom Maquire, director of sustainable streets: “Uber and Lyft are responsible for as much as 20 percent of the traffic on South of Market. We have to be very careful not to allow traffic onto Market that could slow Muni. Our approach to traffic is a Transit First approach.”

The project will cost $604 million (though the funding is not yet sourced) and is slated to start its first phase towards the end of 2018. The plan includes central reserved lanes for Muni and bike lanes laid in the entire length of the renovated area. The old red brick sidewalks will be demoed out and in will go tasteful concrete pavers and plant barriers for biker safety.

Five city agencies will be involved in the project, with the work being done in six phases.

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