Millennials Sure Love to Dine and Coffee Out

San Francisco with its super hot dining evolution has a lot of millennials going out for dinner and brewed coffees. There are approximately five times as many millennials hitting the SF restaurants and coffee bars as the rest of the generations. But, not only in SF, across the entire landscape of America. Forty percent of all Americans dine out once a week. Millennials clock in at five times a week.

An interesting study from came up with these numbers: 51% millennials hit a bar once a week, 54% eat out at least three times a week, and 29% of them (ages 189-29) slurp down shop-brewed coffee three times a week. This means millennials are setting restaurant industry trends for all of us.

So, if you’re out among San Francisco’s dining cornucopia and notice a very large preponderance of millennials enjoying their meal or drink, or waiting for a table, this explains it.

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