My fiduciary duty and what it means

When you hire me as your agent, my fiduciary responsibility to you becomes central to our relationship. This means that throughout my time with you, I will place your interests first.

I find the best way to do this is to put myself in your shoes. It’s actually a fun process as I have to “get into your head” to understand your perspective and what’s important to you. I once had a client who was so preoccupied with security issues that she passed on a fabulous view condo because one of the windows overlooked the roof of the eleven-story building next door. Now only Spiderman could have made that climb and jumped through that window, but I empathized and honored her need for peace of mind. Ultimately she bought a different place that was better suited to her needs.

Other times I see owners working against their economic best interests when they decide to sit instead of sell, Then I remember how the most practical real estate choice may not be the best one if the emotional cost is too high. I speak from the heart on this matter because I have real estate in my own portfolio that I hang onto for completely personal reasons.

I’m also a bit like the cobbler with holes in his shoes. I probably would sell and buy more it if I had the time and energy to assess the idea, but I’d far rather puzzle over your problems than my own. This is not because I practice avoidance, but because I already know all about my problems. Yours are fresh and new and far more interesting to me. So please call if you want to noodle things around. You’ll find me a great sounding board and all ears about your particular situation. I hope to hear from you soon!

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