Need help downsizing?

Small spaces make for reduced storage. While that in itself is fairly intuitive, what’s less intuitive is what exactly to do when you find yourself short on space.

That’s where Houzz comes in to help. Contributor Becky Dietrich tackles what to do when you’re hurting for storage – and finds some innovative solutions in the process.

“Just because something is not normally considered a storage piece doesn’t mean it can’t be,” she writes. “Take our beloved secretary, which keeps elbowing its way into this downsizing series. Not only does it look stunning and make me happy in our new home, but the top half serves as a glassware cabinet, while the drawers store the family silver, napkins, placemats, overflow linens and even Mike’s antique platters.”

Dietrich suggests using dead space – looking at unused space differently than when you found yourself in a larger home. “Shelves can be a downsizer’s best friend,” she writes. “Thte space over the tub often goes to waste, but not here.”

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