Neighborhood spotlight: Mission Bay

Quick: What’s San Francisco’s fastest-growing neighborhood? If you guessed Mission Bay, you win the gold. Just fifteen years ago, the place was home to empty Southern Pacific Railroad yards – and today, it is the scene of construction upon construction.

We at Paragon see the future of Mission Bay at the intersection of Third Street and Mission Bay Boulevard. There you’ll see construction on two mid-rise apartment complexes: MB 360 and Venue, two of the newer additions to this bustling neighborhood.

The development of Mission Bay dates back to 1998, when the city of San Francisco targeted it for redevelopment. The real estate firm Catellus was tasked with the responsibility of carving a new neighborhood out of the patchwork of utilitarian railroad yards.

In 2003, Mission Bay saw its first large-scale project in the form of the 43-acre UCSF Mission Bay campus. Since that time, the likes of Fibrogen, Bayer and Nektar have located in Mission Bay, with residential development hard on their heels.

Today Mission Bay is a centrally located area with easy downtown access as well as convenience to Caltrain, Highway 280 and Muni. Many dining options abound, including Umami Burger, the Public House and Momo’s.

Of course, we can’t forget the presence of AT&T Park. Batter up!

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