New housing laws take effect in 2014

New housing laws take effect in 2014

Property owners, beware: come next year, there are a few changes a-coming that may well have an impact on you. Daniel Bornstein of the law offices of Bornstein & Bornstein offers a list of these laws, as well as a 2014 Laws Info Sheet to keep you up-to-date on the new rules and regulations.

These new laws cover a wide range, from landowner responsibilities to utility rates to smoke alarm requirements. Read on for more.

1) Prepaid rental listing service agents must be licensed.

2) Landowners with shared boundaries must also share responsibility to maintain those boundaries.

3) Owners of both multi-family and single-family rental units must test and maintains moke alarms in all units or on their properties.

4) Landlords must post utility rate schedules.

5) Human trafficking victims are entitled to tenant protection.

6) Owners of San Francisco multi-residential properties that permit smoking in some units must complete a process to designate each unit as either smoke-free or smoke-optional, provide applicants with a list designating units as smoking-optional and disclose this fact prior to entering into a lease agreement.

Hope this helps!

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