Pacific Heights Neighborhood Confirmed as Most Expensive in SF

A recent report stated what everybody (way past and present) figured in their heads: that Pacific Heights is currently the most expensive neighborhood in the city. The 2712 Broadway super-mansion in Pacific Heights had a price tag of $40 million and that made national news. The report, a joint project from NeighborhoodX and Curbed, did a detailed ranking of SF’s neighborhoods according to prices per square foot, and, indeed, PH is the big gorilla on the block. Actually, 3 blocks—as there is a 3-block stretch in PH known as the Gold Coast.

However, while really stratospheric prices are there to be admired, the really interesting knowledge of this story is what are the cheapest places to live in Pacific Heights. This is the tack that took in a recent story, sussing out the affordable hideaways in the Heights. For instance, a one bedroom / one bathroom top floor condo covering 623 square feet is listed at $649,000—only $1,000 per square foot. And it includes bay windows, 12-foot ceilings, crown molding and pocket doors. This one will probably go very fast.

Here’s the full article at

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