My company, Paragon Real Estate Group, was formed by five of the most experienced, successful realtors in San Francisco—Bob Dadurka, Anita Head, George McNabb, Sally Stull and Randy Zinn. Each contributes extensive contacts, formidable resources and exceptional business skills to this locally owned and managed company. The result is a savvy real estate team that’s fast on its feet and committed to superior customer service. Since opening in 2004, Paragon has only hired the best of the best in San Francisco and risen to become one of the City’s top real estate companies, with some of the highest productivity per agent.


Our services go beyond broker tours and open houses to include innovative advertising and citywide networking. When you work with me and Paragon, you benefit from the extensive reach of all our agents. Our service partners, from contractors to lenders, are also experienced local professionals with intimate knowledge of the challenging Bay Area real estate market. They’re ready with the right answers, right when you need them.