Paragon’s updated interactive home value map is here!

We at Paragon have updated our interactive home value map of San Francisco based on median sales prices in order to reflect 2014 sales reported between March 1 and September 15. Presidio Heights came in with the highest median house sales price at $5.95 million, while Yerba Buena had the highest median sales price for two-bedroom condos at just under $2.8 million.

You’ll find the map here.

A little bit of context: the sale of new-construction condos this year significantly increased median and average values in neighborhoods including Duboce Triangle, Mission Dolores, Potrero Hill and Hayes Valley. However, some neighborhoods had relatively few sales during this period, which may slightly skew results. This analysis excludes below-market-rate sales.

Keep in mind that these value statistics are generalities and can be affected by factors including:

  • Average home size (which can vary widely by neighborhood)
  • Current buyer profile
  • Inventory available for purchase
  • Interest rates
  • Big changes in the new-construction, distressed or luxury home market segments
  • Other economic and market factors

It’s also pretty difficult, if not impossible, to understand how these values apply to any one particular property without a specific comparative market analysis. If you’re looking to get more specific, get in touch and I’ll do my level best to help you as much as I can.

If you’re looking for more resources on long-term neighborhood value trends, Paragon has an article on that exact topic. The charts in this piece track San Francisco MLS home sales by neighborhood, by average or median sales price and average dollar per square foot over the longer term. Average sales price differs from median sales price; keep in mind that statistics can fluctuate for other reasons besides change in value.

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