Parking in San Francisco – Tips to Sneak Good Spots!

Tips on Parking in San Francisco

If you are reading this, you are already living in San Francisco or are looking to live here, and you’re wondering about parking here. San Francisco is an amazing little place, home to around 45,000 happy residents, and it can become a bit of a game to secure a parking space. There are actually tricks to parking that enable you to sneak good spots that others may miss. Here are some of them:

Check any no parking signs posted by the city or at construction sites. The dates may not correspond with the day you were parking. If the dates don’t correspond with the date your parking you can snag that space.

Also check signs in front of restaurants. They reserve their white zones for dining hours which are often towards end of day. You are allowed to park in front of Absinthe at Hayes and Gough for example, up to the noon hour. Other restaurants have even later starting times.

Nearly all of SanFfrancisco’s parking meters now enable you to pay by phone, using a little app called PayByPhone. This has been a game changer for me-I cannot tell you how much money I save on parking tickets now.

The curb your wheels thing is super important-they will ticket you even on a mild slope that seems nearly harmless.

Occasionally, very, very occasionally, you can find a red zone that has been painted by hand instead of the city. You can identify them because they will have no yellow Department of Parking and Traffic indicators painted at either end. Residents sometimes do this in an effort to reserve spaces that are conveniently in front of their houses.

Memorize your street cleaning schedule. The moment it ends, the streets can be pretty clear and it becomes easier to find parking. Some cars literally follow the street sweeping truck and park behind its path.

Figure out where the reasonably priced garages are. Some of them are run by the city and offer a rate identical to what you would pay at a meter. A little app called SFPark can help you find the nearby City garages which usually offer the most favorable rates. But if you’re in a serious bind, you can spring for, which will valet your car from wherever you are.

Cece Blase
Paragon Real Estate Group

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