Poll Finds 50% of Bay Area Residents Considering Moving Away

A Chicago polling firm (Edelman) recently surveyed 500 residents of the Bay Area (including in San Francisco) to gauge their sentiments on local social and economic conditions. The results, as reported by sf.curbed.com, sort of backup an emerging observation that San Francisco is picking up speed in losing San Franciscans, and that the tech revolution in Silicon Valley is causing some social/economic damage.

The poll determined some interesting facts:

  1. 62% of Bay Area citizens trust the tech industry, but 63% feel tech companies siphon off local resources while making large profits, and are not helping enough to solve regional challenges.
  2. 77% in the Bay Area say the housing crisis is “very serious,” and also put a lot of blame on tech companies for the low inventory. 56% say the gap between the rich and poor is a “very serious” problem.
  3. A relatively low 37% state there are not enough good-paying jobs in the area.
  4. 49% of the 500 SF Bay Area residents interviews said they were considering moving out of California because of the high cost of living. Across the state 58% of Millennials and 65% of parents also stated their serious looking at moving out of state.
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