Props and shout-outs!

Extra special props to those who referred me to their marvelous friends and associates this week. I’m especially appreciative of my “quarter-century friends and associates whose rich and interesting lives serve as an inspiration and guide to me (you know who you are!). You’re also giving me an opportunity to meet some really wonderful, interesting people that I look forward to helping in the coming months.

Shout out as well to Tracy Sichterman of Berkeley Hills Real Estate. Tracy’s team is clearly ready to offer some great expertise to those seeking to sell or buy in the East Bay. I look forward to working with you!

And deepest gratitude and appreciation to my assistant Donna Spencer. I can’t exactly offer you a link to her website, but you can see her handiwork all over my social media pages, like my Facebook Business Page and on our website blog, which she keeps carefully monitored and updated with the best, most interesting stuff we can find. She’s also responsible for some of those nifty comparable sales reports some of you are receiving from time-to-time, which can help you track how much your own home is worth. If you would like to know how much your property is worth but haven’t received one of these reports, let us know and we can produce one for you.

I look forward to staying in touch this summer, regardless of our schizophrenic weather conditions. Just stay cool! Or warm! Or dry! And don’t hesitate to call me with any and all of those “stupid real estate questions.” I love hearing from you!

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