Real Estate Legal Resources at Your Fingertips

As a homeowner in San Francisco there are times you’re going to need a beginner’s understanding of SF real estate law that governs ownership and the options you have as a landowner wanting to have tenants, or to evict, or make a condo conversion. Obviously for a deeper level of law you will need to have the counsel of a real estate lawyer in San Francisco.

The real estate law firm of Goldstein, Gellman, Melbostad (g3mh) has created a number of very useful articles and brochures for homeowners that serve as introductory resources. All the most recent articles are here.

G3mh has also put online a number of brochures relating to tenants, title and condo conversions.

·  Tenant Evictions in San Francisco (updated 4/15)

·  Landlord Tenant Issues in San Francisco (6/16)

·  Condo Conversion in San Francisco (4/16)

·  Tenancy in Common in San Francisco (2/16)

·  Holding Title to your SF Home (4/16)

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