RushTix is a new affordable subscription for local events in the bay area

RushTix was just launched for the San Francisco Bay Area, and they plan to disrupt your streaming relationship with your smart tv. The San Francisco area is well known for its artistic culture throughout the country. Despite the numerous live shows that occur within the city, more people are watching the shows on television rather than attending the live event. Enter RushTix and an affordable way to turn couch potatoes into social butterflies. With RushTix’s subscription plan, residents will pay a flat monthly rate that will give them unlimited tickets to local events.

We’re offering the Starter Pass at a ridiculously low entry point because it is actually more ridiculous that great local shows are not selling out.

-Founder and CEO of the brand, Jill Bourque.

A wide range of events are offered each month. Live performances are the most common events offered, but there are also tickets for festivals, wine tastings, and museum activities. Members can also suggest other types of events they would like to have offered as well. New events are added to the list every day in order to give members the most opportunities and options possible.

RushTix is a membership ran program, enrollment into RushTix is limited and only offered periodically for this reason.. Members create a username and password for the website to check the lists of available events that are updated and posted everyday at 11am. RushTix limits membership because they only receive a certain number of tickets from various events for distribution, once all the tickets are claimed they can not offer any more for that particular event. Usually, tickets become available the week of the event.

The majority of the tickets are for Thursday-Sunday events, but there are exceptions. Depending on the level of membership a person has, they are able to “gift” their tickets to friends if they are unable to attend the event themselves. There are three membership levels to accommodate different lifestyle needs. Cancellation of the membership is possible at any point, and there is not a long-term commitment upon joining.

This is the first pass created that offers tickets to unlimited cultural and art events for a flat monthly rate. After expanding in the San Francisco Bay Area, they plan to extend to other cities across the county. For more information, go to Rushtix to see everything they offer.

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