Salesforce’s Two SF Towers Using City’s Clean Energy Program

In the commercial real estate world of San Francisco, Salesforce is the King Kong at the 50 Fremont Street Tower. It also has offices in a high rise at 350 Mission St. The company is now using the city’s SuperGreen program that is one of the environmentally friendly pieces of its CleanPowerSF program. The SuperGreen program designates the creating of energy from entirely renewable sources, meaning Salesforce is running on all green energy in SF.

Over the past year SF has reached out to 350,000 business and consumers to sign up for CleanPowerSF by 2019. It is a two-tier energy delivery comprised of Green using 40% sustainable energy and SuperGreen delivering 100% sustainable energy. The Salesforce adoption of the program is being used by the city as a bell cow for other SF businesses to demonstrate that being profitable and being 100% green are compatible.

It is estimated that Salesforce will reduce it carbon dioxide footprint by 1,700 metric tons a year. This would equal the burning of 1.8 million pounds of coal to power their offices.

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