San Francisco bay area selected for Google’s Project Sunroof program launch

September 10, 2015

Google's Project Sunroof launched in San Francisco Area

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Ready to make the jump to solar power, but not sure how to get started? Google launched Project Sunroof in August and San Francisco bay area homeowners are now just a few clicks away from discovering if solar energy is a practical option for their home.

The program will tell the homeowner how much sunlight hits their rooftop throughout the year while factoring in roof orientation, shade from trees and nearby buildings, and local weather patterns. Google has created a simple formula to take the guesswork out of solar panel installation. Google has partnered with Vivint Solar, a leading distributor in solar energy systems to offer affordable solutions for interested homeowners.

“It’s simple. It’s affordable. And together with Google, we’re able to let customers all over the country know that solar power is a lot simpler and more affordable than they might have thought.” Dwain Kinghorn, Chief Strategy and Innovations Officer at Vivint Solar

San Francisco homeowners can visit Project Sunroof and simply enter their address for an initial estimate. A homeowner can also enter their typical electric bill cost for more customized results. The tool will combine the information to estimate the amount a homeowner could potentially save with solar panels, and it can help connect them with local solar providers, like Vivint Solar.

“Vivint Solar teaming up with Google is giving homeowners across the country immediate insight, information and access to rooftop solar power—that’s good for everyone,” said Greg Butterfield, CEO of Vivint Solar.

The new online tool is being tested in San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno, and greater Boston. Roof condition and sun exposure are important factors to consider when exploring solar energy options. For further details check out the FAQ section on the site.


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