San Francisco Has Nation’s Healthiest Inhabitants

This may not be surprising to those of us who live in San Francisco. After all, our city holds a lot of national records, as in best in, or most of this and that. And now, according to WalletHub’s Healthiest and Unhealthiest Cities in America, SF overall has the healthiest residents in the entire nation. Yes, we are the healthiest Americans among Americans, as defined by city boundaries.

And not only that—in the most expensive category—we spend the most money on gym memberships. And we take away the crown in having the most walking and running trails per person in a city.

WalletHub’s annual survey examined 161 cities in scores across fitness, healthcare, green space, and food.

But not everything is rosy for us. We are ninth in the fitness category by itself, and we are way down in the bottom five for eating fruits and vegetables daily.

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