San Francisco Luxury Homes Sales by Month since 2014

This chart covers the expensive stuff and the REALLY expensive stuff. Each bar represents the number of sales that month; the higher the number, the more robust the market. Sales of luxury condos surged dramatically this spring to hit their highest number ever in June on a monthly basis, and in Q2 on a quarterly basis.

Luxury house sales of $3m+ are slower, and have been that way for some time – we think it’s because wealthy buyers are more conservative these days, and more picky. We will likely not see a rise in the number of sales for this segment before the fall market begins. (Note that condo figures do not include new luxury condo sales unreported to MLS.)

If you are shopping for a big (4/5 BR) house in San Francisco, here is what you can expect to pay in different neighborhoods.

Our 4BR floor plans vary dramatically by neighborhood. A1920s house in St. Francis Wood, for instance, will often have two stories with all the bedrooms upstairs. In the Sunset, the bedrooms can be split among two levels, with three of them on the main floor and the fourth one downstairs behind the garage. In hillier neighborhoods, like Bernal and Noe, the bedrooms can be spread out among three or four levels if the home is on an upslope or downslope.

The hidden buy here might be in Golden Gate Heights with its eclectic mix of architecture on winding streets and sweeping views. The neighborhood is relatively central, yet peaceful and highly scenic.
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