San Francisco Professional Workers Looking For Work-Life Balance

What are employees looking for in their work culture and environment in San Francisco, and, indeed, the entire Bay Area and across the country?  The stereotype is lots of free food (healthy as an option), a coffee bar, a game room with ping pong tables or foosball, maybe a gym.  And that used to be an attractor to top tier talent. Well, according to a survey by Linkedin Corp. those perks are now seen as a bit immature.  Linkedin’s research determined that a work/life balance is what is very magnetic to potential workers sizing up a company—tech or otherwise. And, as well, a sense of belonging to the community. And the overall culture and impact of the company.

Tech companies nowadays face a shortage of workers to fill all the job openings. Good talent is harder to acquire and to retain. Perks are not important anymore. And even pay is taking somewhat of a back seat to the overall work culture and work/life balance as to how people are choosing companies to work for. Some companies are even dumping businesses to please new workers, such as Google’s move to not renew its contract for artificial intelligence with the U.S. Defense Department.

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