San Francisco’s Toilet Kiosks to Get Jetson-like Makeover

Say “ciao” to the old SF green JC Decaux public toilets. They’re going, well… “down the toilet.” Swooping in from a sort of Jetson’s futuristic techno and environmentally-friendly blend is the new toilet design from SmithGroupJJR which just won the toilet design contest held by SF’s Public Works department.  The new toilets are metallic sheen with soft aerodynamic curves, a living garden on its roof, and benches with planters embedded on one side. The mockup looks techno-savvy and comfy, roomy even.

Two hundred submissions came in for the design challenge, most of which were kind of fuddy-duddy out of date. The Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru said of the design, “SmithGroupJJR’s design is forward-thinking, combining natural elements and environmental sustainability with modern technology and materials. This 21st-century street furniture reflects our San Francisco values, as we invest in a public realm designed with dignity, inclusivity, and beauty,”

However, once the final design is worked out between SmithGroupJJR and JCDecaux engineers, the design needs to be reviewed by the San Francisco Arts Commission and Historic Preservation Committee.

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