Scam artist or sweet grandmother?

What to make of Su Wan? The 70-something San Francisco grandmother may only look sweet, according to allegations from local real estate agents and former tenants. Wan is under fire for scamming in order to get money, fancy meals and even a ride to grocery stores.

“I don’t know what a con artist or scammer profile would be, but she certainly doesn’t fit that profile in my mind,” San Francisco real estate agent Robyn Chan told NBC Bay Area. Chan said she first met Wan in late 2009 when Wan said she was possibly interested in buying a fast-food restaurant. “She wears a Rolex, Coach shoes, Gucci handbag, St. John outfits. … She showed me bank account (information) to show that she can buy the property with all cash if necessary.”

However, Wan gave Chan a bit of the heebie-jeebies. Later she found out that Wan was well known for posing as an investor and doing more than her fair share of mooching. That wasn’t a surprise to Century 21 real estate agent Thomas Nguyen, who said she was very smart – and a scammer who bilked him out of two days and nearly $200 in meals and groceries for her. At the same time, she refused to discuss business after the first day of contact.

When Nguyen spoke with another agent in his office, the agent told him he too had been contacted and scammed by Wan. “I went to law enforcement already; it seems like they’re not going to do anything,” He told NBC Bay Area.

Here’s a tip: when a would-be client asks you to purchase a designer purse, just say no.

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